February Blues

Are you struggling with the February blues?  Often the February skies are grey, it’s dull and cold outside and sometimes if what we feel on the inside is also dull and grey (for whatever reason), the outside world brings into sharp focus our struggles. We may be powerless over the weather but how we look […]

Tree of Life

  The Tree of Life is an ancient mystical symbol appearing in various cultures from the Mayans to the Celts, Buddhism to Nordic mythology. Let’s take a closer look at some of the universal meanings behind the Tree of Life symbol, and how these may guide you in your own life’s journey. Everything in life […]

Live & Be

If we can live and be in the moment, even if the moment isn’t how we would want it to be, we can be freed up to have more energy to live. Sounds weird? Most of us are so busy trying to control our feelings or stuff them down (viewing them as not acceptable to us or […]