New Normal

1.Allow Yourself to Grieve the ‘New Normal’ It is very human to miss the old ways, and as with any change (at the best of times!) it’s easy to feel a sense of loss. Throw in a pandemic, along with changes to routines and plans for the weeks and months ahead in 2020, and it’s […]

Stressful Times

The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is unprecedented. And it’s confusing and worrying for all of us – causing increased stress, anxiety and fear in many. For people already living with complex mental health issues, the impact of a pandemic like this can be significant. Physical and psychological impacts of imposed quarantine, self-isolation, physical distancing and separation […]

Mental Health Tips for Isolation

With the prospect of widespread home working and social isolation on the cards, it’s important to consider how such measures can impact your mental health. Whilst we all understand the importance of these measures on our physical health, we cannot forget that our mental health plays a vital role in our overall wellbeing too. 1. […]